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Turnkey Box-Build & PCB Board Level Manufacturing

PCB Assembly / Manufacturing & Box Build

Electronic control production relies on expert, leading-edge PCB assembly and manufacturing services, and Etratech Inc. boasts a full resource of experienced manufacturing engineers and technologists to fill that need.  With services like our Total Acquisition ManagementTM (T.A.M) system, which allows our customers to leave all necessary material component sourcing and production to Etratech, providing the confidence that you're getting the most competitive pricing available.  We cover all steps of the process, from control conceptualization and design, to surface mount (SMT) or through-hole PCB manufacturing, as well as all mechanical operations for enclosures and fixtures.

Our all-inclusive PCB build capabilities include all component sourcing, installation, and assembly. Everything from standard electronic and IP&E components, to odd-form components like bulbs, relays, and connectors.  No part is too difficult or out-of-reach for us to secure and integrate into your PCBs. Our high-speed SMT services feature state-of-the-art pick and place modules with capabilities up to 60,000 CPH, and quality check after quality check: component verification, automated optical inspection (AOI), and bar code-based work order matching.

In addition to our SMT capabilities, we also feature expert through-hole-mount services when larger PCB components are required. Our axial lead insertion capacity runs to 26,000 CPH, and our radial lead insertion machines are rated at up to 26,000 CPH. In addition to our automated capabilities, we also offer manual and by-hand through-hole mounting.

Total Quality Management drives our testing and inspection processes, and we pride ourselves on providing accurate, error free PCB assemblies and electronic controls to our customers. We utilize the most advanced modeling software for both electronic and mechanical component design, including CAM350 for PCB design and SolidWorks for metal and plastic enclosure design.

Our electronic controls can be found in all types of products, across a variety of industries: refrigerator controls and HVAC systems in the home; LED and LCD dashboard displays, seat switches, CAN- and LIN-bus interfaces in automobiles; instrument panels, solar panels, lighting systems, door and window controls in RVs and marine vehicles. These are just a few of the many control applications that Etratech's products enable.  Be sure to see the list below for many more examples. With ISO/TS 16949:2009 certification and a commitment to RoHS compliance, our services and products are both efficient and environmentally friendly. Our global customer base is evidence of our high-quality competencies in PCB assembly and box-build production, from the initial product design, to the warehousing and shipping of your products. Be sure to contact Etratech with any further questions on our capabilities.

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Box Build & Circuit Board Manufacturing Capabilities:

Box Build & Circuit Board Manufacturing
In-House Product Development and Manufacturing
Automated Test Development (ATD)
Surface Mount Technology (SMT)
Printed Circuit Board (PCB)
Ball Grid Array (BGA)
Process Technologies and Equipment Capabilities
Advanced SMT placement Lines
PCB Laser marking system
Ball Grid Array (BGA)
Array Rework Station (BGA, fine pitch and QFP removal and replacement capabilities)
X-ray (Vertex Series A - 75Kv)
Pin in Paste Reflow
Press-Fit (Compliant Pin) Solder less Terminal Insertion
Through-Hole Insertion Capabilities
Selective Conformal Coating
ICT testing systems (parametrics/analog/digital/boundry scan/test jet)
Value Added Manufacturing and "Box Build" Final Assembly
Customized/Integrated Packaging
EAP Capabilities
High Speed SMT Insertion
Through-Hole Insertion
Conformal Coating (UV Curing)
Epoxy / Potting
Curing / Burn-In Ovens
Chip-On-Board (COB)
Box Build Assembly
Full Turn-Key Manufacturing
Standard PCB Assembly
Pin Insertion/Tab Insertion
Screen Print/SMT/PTH
Selective Wave Solder
Conformal Coating
ICT/EOL Test/Packaging
PCB to Finished Product Build PCB Only/PCB In Housing/Box Build
SMT Placement capabilities and Fine Pitch PCB Assembly (Lead and Lead-Free)
Placement 0201/0402 (MELFS)
Variable Resistor (Trim Pots)
SMT Sockets and Connectors
Ball Post Grid Array (BGA) & Land Grid Array (LGA)
Solder Paste Screen Printers 2 DEK Horizon 265 printers
2D Vision Inspection, Proflow heads & SMT Adhesive dispensing using thick screen technology
Glue Machines In-Line Asymtek SMT Adhesive Dispensing System (Up to 21,600 DPH)
SMT Lines
SMT High Speed Placement Lines:
2 Panasonic (CM402L) 4 Beam High Speed Flexible Rating up to 36,000 CPH each
2 Genesis (GSM) Dual Beam/Fine Pitch IC Mounting Rating up to 28,000 CPH each
Reflow Capabilities 2 Vitronics 820 XmP:
8 Zone Convection Reflow ( Pb-Free Capable)
Component Level IC Programming Programming integrated in the In-Circuit test or via independent programming units 2 - HP 3070 Series II - ICT testing systems (parametrics/analog/digital/boundry scan/test jet)
Wave Soldering Process
Lead Wave:
Electrovert Vectra (dual wave soldering machine with ultrasonic spray flux/convection pre-heat)
Lead-Free Wave:
Seho MWS 8240 (lead free dual wave soldering machine with atomizing spray flux/convection pre-heat)
Mechanical Assembly Mistake Proofing Fixtures
Light Consumer or Commercial Applications
Through Hole
Universal VCD Sequencer 8 (Axial Lead insertion) Rating up to 26,000 CPH
Universal Radial 8 (Radial Lead insertion) Rating up to 16,000 CPH
Autosplice Unimount 18" x 18" CNC vertical quick disconnect tab inserter (5,000 CPH)
4 - Autosplice Compact - 12" x 12" CNC pin insertion machines (2,000 CPH)
Zierick 9700XY Tabber - 12" x 12" CNC terminal insertion machine (5,000 CPH)
Universal MultiMod Module DIP inserter for .300" & .600" IC's (1,400 CPH)
Universal Unimod Module DIP inserter for .300" IC's (1,400 CPH)
Manual and Hand Insertion Capabilities
Conformal Coat Nordson/Asymtek SL-940E - Selective conformal coating system
PVA 1000 - Automated selective conformal coating & UV curing system)
Other Capabilities
Laser marking system (Flex Link F5000H)
Automated Test Development (ATD)
Custom designed and fabricated final functional testers
AOI - automated optical inspection (Omron VT-WIN II)
AOI - automated optical inspection (Orbotech Vantage S-22)
DFM analysis
Production Volume Low to High Volume
Industry Focus
Homeland Security
HVAC (Residential)
Recreational Vehicle
Intended Applications / Products
Automotive Control and Display
Refrigeration / A.C. Controls
Heat Recovery / Ventilation
Environment Sensing
Power Management Lighting
Solar Water Heating
Remote Control & GPS
Nuclear Radiation Detection
Hand Held Battery Operated Devices
RF Controlled Biometric Monitoring Systems
Irrigation Controllers
Electronic Flow Meters
Temperature Controls
Electronic Lock Systems
Security Devices
Box Build
Industry Standards
ISO/TS 16949:2009 Certified
ISO 9001:2008
TS Formalized Internal Audit Program
RoHS Capable and Compliant
Efficiency Six Sigma Black Belt
Lean Commitment
Agency Approvals / Product Compliance
File Formats
SolidWorks 3D
AutoCAD 2D
Locations Burlington, Ontario, Canada
Hong Kong & Shenzhen, China, United States of America (USA), Sweden, Germany
International Customer Base
North America
Middle East

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